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SKU: X30 ENG PACKAGE $3,195.00
Engine Kit Includes. Selettra digital K ignition with pick-up in the stator and generator for battery charging H.T. coil and vibration dampers NGK BR9EG sparkplug and resistive spark plug cap Centrifugal dry clutch group with Z11 detachable sprocket Tillotson Carb Intake silencer with foam air filter Flexible hose with silicon sheath and springs Exhaust silencer and exhaust header mod. X30 Starter motor external support X30 electronic box “C” model - 16.000 RPM Cables harness with connectors SSR starter relay Starter key assembly Battery support Velcro strap and dampening rubber pads Water pump assembly, water pump support, water pump transmission pulley Water radiator with support Water hoses and clamps Thermostat 50°
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