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Pit Mat by Gorilla Guard

SKU: Pit Mat $89.95 $53.99 You Save: $35.96
The Gorilla Guard Pit Mat is an Ultra Light Weight, Multi-layered, protective barrier made from high tech materials. It will protect your pit area from messy petrochemicals, battery acid, harsh cleaners, coolant, other fluids and all dirt and grime. These fluids wont harm the Pit Mat. They are collected in the upper layer and trapped there. The mat can then be cleaned with a mild detergent, hosed off, dried and reused time and time again. A layer of Woven High Tech Micro Fiber is permanently bonded to an Impermeable Membrane. This Micro Fiber provides a high amount of surface area for maximum absorption. The lower layer traps gas, oils, battery acid, cleaners and other harmful fluids. They wont leak through! Gorilla Guard Pit Mat is light weight, easy to store and transport, folding down to just 24 X 15 X 2 and weighs only 4 lbs. Research and development resulted in producing a product that racers have needed for years. Its race tested and ready to stand up to the job. Gorilla Guard Pit Mat is made in American and comes with a 3 year limited warranty.